July 22, 2009

My Life.My Story

Everything’s going to be fine. Just like the way it should be. Who am I kidding? Trials are like 2 weeks from now and I barely finished reading my Form 1 Sejarah. There’s still KH and Geo.

Shit shit shit.

Ok don’t worry Kenny. Everything’s going to be fine. Shit Shit Shit.

Why the hell am I even talking to myself? Shit. Turning paranoid? Maybe oO…

Took NSW English Exam Yesterday with Chris and Farr. We did very badly I think. It was difficult. What the crap does melancholy mean?

Anyway finally got my drama tickets. It was like,

“Jo Hin says the Saturday tickets are sold out” – Howard

“They say a lot of people buy already wo Saturday one” – Bob

“The demand for the tickets are very big. Selling like hot cakes” – Cik Shafizah

But anyway my bro got ours. Dunno how he got it.

Here’s a typical scenario.

Thomas : Hand over the tickets, fat boy.

Fat boy : No way man, these are my tickets

Thomas : Hand them over now, now. (Arnold Schwarzanagger’s voice)

Fat boy : No way dude.

Thomas : Fine, have it your way.

*Silenced pistol gunfire*

Anyway I already got mine, though with a bit of blood stains on them XD.  So



And I felt this recently.

I mean like most of the time I feel secluded from stuff. Maybe cause of my under confidence?Or maybe I’m just not appreciating them that they’re already there for me. So, for anything wrong I’ve done guys, sorry. Hope we’re still cool :)

Now, I’m just appreciating and living life the way it should be. I’m more confident of myself. I feel lighter and thinner :D. Running around, feeling happy, the way every Form 3 kid should be. Laughing at more jokes now :)

So, yeahh. Live life to the fullest peeps.

And best of luck to all PMR candidates out there! You know who you are :)

P.S. If you' haven’t noticed, I embeded a new song to my Blog. It’s Daughtry’s “Life After You” from his new album Leave This Town.

It’s an awesome song. Check it out :)

I Love You

Kenny signing off…

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