July 1, 2009

Another Random Post

Kenny's back you fools. Yes I don't need to study at all. I can spend all my time blogging. And I can still own you fools in every exam. Yes. Fools.

Anyway today was a rather uneventful day for me .

Lets start off the day.


Nvm, let's skip to recess :D.
After recess was the Band's performance. Yes, the greatest Military Band in the world, THE MMB. MICHAELIAN MILITARY BAND. We own your ass.
The performance was incredible. From the song Tong Hua to the band's showcase. Not including the precussion solo. This makes Bob Bryar look bad
Yes, you fool. He's the MCR Drummer.

*Will post pics bout it when Mr. Khiew uploads them :D*

So, it was PJ time. First, Syazarool shot the ball at me which I thought my feet will stop, in the end it rolled in the net. 1-0 we were trailing ==
Then Ramzali passed the ball wrongly to Kalai and he shot. 2-0. ==
Then me and Shastri went to tackle Amirul. I accidentally kicked Shas's leg and he fell and his shoe flew. Shit. I felt bad.
Next, I stepped into this big hole and pulled my bladdy leg ligament. Yes it's very painful. It's all bandaged now and I feel like crap. Shit it hurts. Mofos.

Then Farris asked me to go to Anderson. So, I went. With my foot like that I still went. What an idiot I was.
We reached there at 11.40. Then Waran, Rajan and Nakhieeran went for "breakfast". So me and Farr found some concrete blocks under a tree. So, we sat our asses down there and started talking bout the good old days.

And how ironic. Me and Farr, both dressed up in our SMI attire, sat in front of Anderson showing ...uhm....vulgar signs =D

As usual, here's some extracts from some convo's :D

*The debaters had to sit in a pondok to discuss the debate because all the classes were "apparently" full*

Rajan : Look at this school. 100 Years of shit Legacy and they give us bladdy sheds to sit in

*Waran, Farr, me, Nakhieran and Yee Yang laugh*

*Some Anderson guys holding a football walking past us*


Uhm, you wouldn't want to know what happens next XD

Anyway, I'm kinda tired already. Will update more tomorrow ;D

Continuation :

Waran scolded us. It's a long complicated story which I won't post here
So anyway, Rajan bought us some 100 Plus. (Thanks man ;D)...
Me and Farr reached back school at 12.40. Yusneza's period.
So, being the real men we were, we ponteng-ed. Yes, we did. Fools.

So, my leg felt worse and worse. I had to see the doctor.
Yes,, he told me I tore my spotarshelmofobia (Yes, I made that up)
ANYWAY, I tore my ligament and nerve. I had to take X-rays and my foot was all bandaged up. Will post a pic if I want to.

Kenny signing off.....

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