June 28, 2009

just some random shits

I was Facebook-ing when I found this app called

“How Well Do You Know Your Friends” so I took it

Then I like came across this question


Hard one eh? ROFL

Heres another one :



And I only scored 5/10 ==

Don’t ask me why I’m doing this ==. Plenty of free time =D

Transformers 2 !


I’ve watched it! 5 days after the opening day ==


Well at least I watched it =D

AND YOU DIDN’T! If you did please ignore this line

So anyway =D

Reached the theatre at 9.55 =). Hanaffey was already there, so we sat down and talked bout racism XD.

Then, Paul arrived and we claimed the tickets. And look what he was wearing.



Then came Howard.

So, at 10.15, Kai finally showed up. He was damn punctual this time. Only 15 minutes late =D


*Kai XIong reaches*

Paul : Eh where’s Kai Xiong lar? Damn late the fella.

Me : Eh, yeah la. Everytime the fella always late one.

Paul : Yeah , yeah. We better call him.

*Kai Xiong who heard the whole thing, walks off to the popcorn stand and emos*

So the movie was damn awesome man. If Michael Bay was a hot woman, I’ll marry her. LOL

Here’s a pic =D

And anyway, there was this part that Optimus gets stabbed in the back by Megatron and he falls down to the ground and dies.

It was so sad and everyone in the theatre was quiet. Then came Kai Xiong.

Kenny : *sniffs*

Paul : *silent*

Kai Xiong : Backstabber

DAMN POTONG WEI. So touching part and he just blurted out backstabber ==

So, the movie finished at 1.00. Then we went to the toilet. Yep, 5 guys in a toilet at once. Gay moments. XD

Then we went makan McD. Then there was this random girl who came and asked us for orphanage donations. Then Howard said :

Eh that girl keeps rubbing her leg on my leg. I feel uneasy wei”


Then we continued to the Nike shop to find a basketball for Hanaffey. Then we went to the Adidas one. Then we went back to the Nike one =D. Nike owns Adidas. So, Hanaffey bought a Dominator Basketball.

Looks something like this.

Then being the real men we were, we went Imax =D.

We played COD4. Poor Hanaffey. Never played before. He got owned =D. Then me and Howard played Guitar Hero.

So, at 4.50. Went swimming. Then in the changing room, me and my Bro started singing Daughtry songs ROFL.

So that’s about it. =D

Kenny signing off……

June 27, 2009

Some random shit

Friday was aweesome!

I don’t know why but hell lol

We had 6 free periods for the day. We only studied like 6 questions of English and the whole day was FREE PERIOD!

So just some extracts from some random conversations :


Chris : Eh, imagine we go to Spain ah deii, then we go sit on those ancient stairs sure damn cool one.

Brandon : Eh, YEAH LA! Imagine we go there and we start talking to them in Malay.

*Brandon pretends he’s in Spain*

Brandon : AWEK CUN! AWEK CUN!~~


It was supposed to be some other stuff inside, but I can’t really remember much ><

Why the random convo about Spain? Brandon said that after SPM, we’ll go on a EURO Trip. Spain, France and England.

It’ll be cool weii…



Kenny signing off..

June 25, 2009

Skin Reverted

A lot of problems with the old skin ==

So using the basic one again :D

Kenny signing off

June 10, 2009

Some Shots In Penang


The uber Hotel I stayed in. At RM108 per night XD

Yes you fool. I don’t stay 5 star


Ahhh. Cheap Scottish lager with not so friendly names. Fools.


A sight at Gurney Plaza. Sadly didn’t buy anything. Look at all those fools all around


The night skyline @ Penang. Amazing huh fools?


Some unknown not named island seen on Penang Bridge.


Not gonna post much bout this trip. Was just there to enjoy the cheap hawker food.

Fried oysters, curry noodles, char kuey teow, otak-otak.

Those stuffs XD

Kenny signing off.

June 8, 2009

Bob's House

On the 2nd of June, 2009, Me and Singh went to Bob's house Oo
So, it started like at 10.30 a.m, on my way there, Singh SMSed me and asked him to fetch him there. So I told him I was like 15 minutes away.

He walked.

So, when we got there, I set up my laptop and we started playing FIFA and DotA and shit.
Me and Singh wanted to set up a network but we didn't know how. so we called James.
James was like, "You all in Bob's house" ah?
Then we said yes, then he came.
He forgot where it was, so he asked us for the freakin coordinates. So like, we went to Google Earth and gave him the coordinates for him to check in his iPhone.
In the end, he made it oO

So, it was all random, us playing drums, piano, football and stuffs. Played FIFA like dunno what only. Then we ordered MCD. Bob was so blur ordering it. He was like

"2 Spicy Deluxe Chicken McD" ROFL

An extract from a conversation me and Singh were having
Me : Eh isn't eating MCD unhealthy?
Singh : No larr, we all so tall and big sized already, we have enough nutrition, sure no problem one.
Me : Yeah, true. But then all those short small people ahh, everyday eat junk food like what only ahh. How bout them?

At the same time, me and Singh looked at James.
He just smiled.

So, 5.30 we all went home XD
Damn fun day

No pics. Sorry ><

June 5, 2009

The KL HELP Training

It happened 2 months ago but still, I’M GONNA POST IT WAKAKA

Let me begin with the day before, 2nd May

Me, Farris went to watch the Rotary Debate, so we watched. My bro was debating as 3rd speaker. I didn’t know he could speak that well oO. He was like screwing the crap out of MC ROFL. So, anyway they still lost ==. Anyway, we still had pride.

The 3 awesome debaters. My bro, 1st from right.

Yes the Chinese one you fool.

Then we went outside and started singing the school rally at the top of our lungs. Yes, The Michaelian Pride you fools. I bet none of you have them. Only True Michaelians do.

So, me and Farris went to kopitiam. At 10 pm. And I drank the strongest coffee they had there. Farris too. And we Wi-Fied here and there with his N93.

I couldn’t sleep the next day.

Then I woke up at 3. Got ready. Then we went to the train station and caught the morning train to KL. 4.30 a.m the train departed. So it was all random, all the way there.

When we reached KL Sentral, we went to eat MCD ROFL. We hung around there untul 1. Farris charged his phone with the electric port next to a public phone. He was cool wei.

So, at 1.30, we went over to 7 Eleven and got Slurpees XD

Then we checked in at YMCA. And yes, we camwhored. So, we were doing very weird shit larr. We beat the shit out of rumbled Imran.

Yes, I have shots a shot you fool

So, we went to Mid Valley after that. Farris took us to Oasis for lunch. The food was bladdy spicy. We all were like crying and poor Chrissy just watching us eat. Since it was so spicy and we couldn’t finish, Chris ate it up.

Then, we went back. Waited at the monorail station for like an hour. Then we called Shastri and mocked the crap out of him ROFL. Then we went back, KL Sentral at around 8. There was a bunch of guys who left some showhouse open. So, James and Noel went and pretended to be salesmen of the house. ROFL. Damn funny. But a security guard came ROFL. So Mr Rajan, our 'teacher' advisor, asked us to look down and slowly slide away from the scene of the crime.

A shot at a MCD Sundae Stand. Yes, we're conservatives you fool. Guess who's the photographer.

Me you fool.

Then we went around and ate dinner there. When we went back to YMCA, we started playing around. Running around the room.

Then Chris was on the phone with "She Who Shall Not Be Named". Then Farris pounced on Chris and he hit his head on the wall. It was so loud the idiots next door heard it. Then they were like "What happened larr?". Poor guy. So we started crapping and talking all the way till 1.20. We all SMSing like what also XD.

Next day, we went to HELP. Bla bla bla bla.

ANYWAY, we came back to KL Sentral and walked around. We all went MCD again and started hogging all their space up. We went back at 5.30 on the 4th of April. Reached back at 8.45. Damn tiring but was damn eventful.

Me, Chris, Farris and Imran. The YMCA Old School Camwhore dudes.


Won’t ever forget the trip =)

June 4, 2009

4th Former’s Gathering

Anyway I should just post about it =)





Woke up at 6.30, turned on phone. Then got a message from Weng Kitt asking for a friggin teddy bear. LOL. Was for his sketch actually. I didn’t bring it coz I know James will bring one. And indeed he did. Here’s how it looks like.


Credits to James for the pic ROFL


So, we went and fall in at 7.45. Then they told us to move to our stations. It so happened that MC just arrived and.

We reached our stations at 8.45.

They started cooking at 9.15. And yeah like, MGS needed a recipe sheet to cook and Sergeant Paul was quick to relief them off their aid.


The MGS Team at work

So, the cooking finished at 11.45. We went to the parlour and ate Maggi Hot Cup. I saw James having fun selling stuffs so I decided to join him.

We sold like 100 Hot Cups.

So, it was all random all the way till 4.30. Just running around, walking around.

Then, the gathering started. It started with a few Form 4’s bringing candles into the hall. And Samuel started singing. Pretty cool and emotional XD

Then there was our sketch. Directed by the legendary Thomas Liew. (my bro lol) and his company,

Shut up Spielberg. We own your ass.



And then came MC’s Banner

Scary huh? ROFL

Then came free dance. Some of the songs :

Let It Rock – Kevin Rudolf

Cookie Jar – Gym Class Heroes ft The Dream

Right Round – Flo Rida ft Ke$ha


Anyway, the overall champion was MC. Like predicted.

The other awards were

Marching competition won by SMC
Best Commander won by MGS
Cooking competition won by SMC
Iron Guide by SMC

Best Banner by SMC

The rest can’t remember lol

Kenny signing off .