December 24, 2010

15 Things When I was 15.

1) Participated in my first major debate competition

We actually ended up runners-up. 4 wins, 1 loss in the final >:D

2) Bought a DSLR

Yeah, and I still suck at photography.

3) Joined Interact

12 months later I still don't know wtf Interactors are supposed to do. Interact perhaps?

4) Joined Prefects for the very first time.

and it means family.

5) Felt what it's like getting stitches.

Imagine the excruciating pain as the metal rod stabbed right through my arm...

NO LOL. I got stitches on my chin. 

6) Was part of a team organising a gathering

Filled of wild, crazy......

7) Really felt used and stepped on. Most unfair moment of my life yet.

17th July 2010. Look it up.

8) Became a Formation Team member and joined LEAD, FT and NRLC.

And I don't regret one moment of it.

9) I actually felt what it really was to like someone.
And I also felt what it was not being liked back.

I now cut myself.

LOL JK. :)

10) I finally got my thinking straight, and realised what true friends are. People who don't go backstabbing you. People who wouldn't be angry and hate you for some small reason. People who would tell you straight if they have a problem with you.

Pretenders, go fuck yourselves. 

11) Found a new family.

We're called Four science five.

12) Lost my virgi... , I mean, uhhhh. Wait. I didn't lose anything important this year. That's good, right? 

13) I felt what it's like being the only kid at home. Nobody to fight with talk to.I really miss you, bro. Take care in INTI.

Miss ya man.

14) Became president of the Debate Club.

and I still haven't done anything beneficial. 
Ohh, I'm also a den master for scouts. Heh.

15) I just kept doing what I did best. Being myself. 

Eh no wait. WTF.

Almost thereeee..

That's more like it! 

So, that was the 15 things I did when I was 15.

I am now 16.

December 10, 2010

Cars + Guys = ?

Well, yeah, I'm talking bout the motor show in KL. It's really awesome, really. Lots of girls cars and hot models cool bikes!

What? Don't blame me for taking pictures of them. They looked at my camera. Of course must take lah. ><

But anyway, models don't only pose with cars. They pose with 


No damnit, it's not photoshopped.

Ohhh yeah. 

Mmmmmmm. :)