July 5, 2009

handover 2009


And yes I’m not happy at all. I’m losing my double stripe. All my hard work and pain will be gone :O

I’ll wait another year and see if I get the three stripes =D

So, anyway reached there at 5. Hanaffey and Pritpal were already there. So we started kicking his basketball around =D. Great fun, Ji Zen was also there cracking up his funny jokes


We’re just crazy and hyper

Then anyway snapped a real good photo with my bro .


Yes I look weird. Thanks Captain Obvious.

So we went fall in. Then all PLs were invited in front to sing One Fine Morning and Mr. Peter Rabbit. Yes, with the censors. All the *TOOT* *TOOT* coming out from nowhere XD

Then of course we had the banana song and all flee fly flo by the Form 4s. Then there was dinner time =D.

Then, we all played around.


No damnit. They’re just gay.

Then, ATL punished Vinod for uhmm…”fighting” with Hanaffey

Kai Xiong recorded his punishment and played it back in SLOWMO. Yes, it was all jiggling and stuff. Yes, the fats were.

Kai has the full vid. He might upload it to YOUTUBE. If he gets it in, I’ll post it here. Hang on there kids =D

And anyway I got a pic of him running.


ADIDAS. Impossible is nothing.

So it kept going on and on until like 7.30 where we went to the lecture theatre for a video presentation. And since I had my phone with me ……


Me and …… uhmmm… let’s just call him BOB.

The video was awesome. All the pictures of the whole 2008/2009 term. A few pictures with ME inside :D. I’m proud of myself ROFL

Then it was the handover ceremony. With funny jokes and stuff, it was pure awesomeness.

Then, we went KOPITIAM after the thing… Yeaahhh. But before that,



The Pride of 02. The awesome Form 3s. All with posts.


With the trophies.


The Leng Zaii fellas =D. We’re just awesome.

Then we went to KOPITIAM. Yes the one opposite Ipoh Padang.


It’s like the Journey to the Great Beyond.

Then we reached. And yes, we had cameras. And boy did we took a lot of pictures. But not gonna post them here. Waste of time. The audience just wants to see my handsome face :D *perasan*


Yes, we’re still awesome.


Yes James. Chew that sandwich.


The coffee I drank.

Before I end the post, credits to Kai Xiong for 2 of the pictures above. The clearer ones. He took it with a camera he apparently stole won in a lucky draw.

So, it was just a pure fun day filled with shit and awesomeness =D. Best of luck to the newest Exco board.

Joshua, Sze Jinn, Ming Kin, Kah Chun, Hun Yee, Kah Seng, Jeffrey, Mun Kit




On another note, best of luck to the Michaelian Military Band in all their coming competitions

With pride shall they march.

Kenny signing off……

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