July 9, 2009

I’m Still Alive

This might be my last post for a pretty long time. Open Day was today. Not that I got screwed or anything. Seriously it went pretty well. Seriously. Nothing happened.

Well, it was like all random until 11.30 when Farris’s dad came. He had his iPhone with him lol. So, he brought it into class and we started watching MJ’s moonwalk videos.

Seriously, nobody appreciates talent until he’s gone. So, anyway, here’s his awesome moonwalk collection.

Just watch the video. It's pure awesomeness.

So, then my mum came to collect my report card. 4As, 2Bs, and 1 C for Sejarah. Not bad really, 1st in class, 24th in Form. I’m proud of myself. So, yeahh =D

Trials are in August. 10th if I’m not mistaken. So, after trial will be going for THE WARLORD OF TERROR =D.

Anyway gonna study hard. Trials wont be easy.


Best of luck to all Form 3 students taking PMR. We’re all screwed.

Kenny signing off…

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