August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday MJ!




August 28, 2009

A Great Day Out

“What time are you guys going?”

“We’ll be there in 2 minutes”

“Where will you guys be?”

“You’ll see”

Green - Me

Red – Howard

It was  a great day out :D. Howard, Bob, Sean and me decided to have a “Guys Day Out” because, uhmm. We’re all still single :D. EHEM EHEM. Yes, handsome people like US are all still single. What is the world missing out? LOL.

So, we started off with going to Imax. Typical guys huh? So, we played this, played that and so on…blah blah blah.

Yeah, then we went to Jusco for some McD. Fat people we are. Ehehehh…Gawd, we were bullshitting with each other so much, it’s almost hilarious LOL.


Howard’s food. Well, what’s left of it anyway.

Then we went for bowling. And yeah, Sean had to show off he’s a great Michael Jackson impersonator.



So, anyway we bowled. Turned out the MJ wannabe can’t play bowling. Gawd, he was horrible. (No offence mate :D)


And I was AWESOME! :D

Yeah, I still won anyway. Obviously. Awesome people like me (EHEM EHEM) always win wad right? :D

So, yeah. We camwhored.


Howard’s SHORT arm couldn’t get the whole picture in :D, but it was still a great shot.

So, we went to Capcom for some old fashion Japanese game machines. Me and Sean played Ice Hockey, turned around and noticed something not so pleasing.



Then anyway we went to Food Court and started messing around with each other’s phones. Howard started playing Ice Hockey with his phone, sliding it up and down then the phone slid from the table and fell to the floor LOL. We started laughing like nuts.

So, we had to go home anyway. After a very great day :D.




You’ve been hit by

You’ve been struck by

A Smooth Criminal


Kenny signing off…

August 27, 2009

August 25, 2009

Another Untitled Post

We all know it’s the holidays :D. So before beginning, wanna wish everybody a GREAT holiday :), SPM trials is on the following Monday. No worries :D.

So, just a list of things I’ve done over the past few days.

Watched the History Tour. AWESOMEE :D. Gawd, wish I can dance to Smooth Criminal :D

Officially spent 19 hours in front of the computer in 5 days. New record eh?

Finally moved to iTunes. All my album art is screwed. Taylor Swift’s face is on Michael Jackson’s Dangerous

Got my desktop back from the shop. Expect countless hours in front playing FIFA.

Worked on my passing in football. Think I can pass straighter. Pak Deen won’t have any more broken windows.

DId 470 Geography questions. I think I got all of them wrong.

Went for a debate meeting on Monday morning. FACEBOOKED on Mr. Kamaruzzaman’s computer. Hope he doesn’t find out. Kept my account logged in and left. LOL

Still having constant mood swings. No, not like a girl you tard. Just feeling depressed at times. But hey, be optimistic :DD

Addicted to “Tabloid Junkie” by Michael Jackson. Go check the song out.

 So, anyway bout the debate meeting :). I vowed not to come to school during the holidays. But hey, shit happens :D.

We didn’t really do much, just arguing about cloning people and H1N1 LOL.


Chris and Me. Early in the morning.


Farr and me.



And while typing this post, was listening to “God Bless The Broken Road” by Rascall Flatts.

I set out on a narrow way many years ago
Hoping I would find true love along the broken road
But I got lost a time or two
Wiped my brow and kept pushing through
I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you

Every long lost dream led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart they were like Northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

Kenny signing off…

August 16, 2009


Update :D

Today was funny wei. MBS came down to SMI to debate. So me, Alex and Shas went to the library. So we sat down with Dahien and Noel along. Then Alex was all hyper and sang The Blues Brothers song. The “Everybody Needs Somebody” one lol. Then I started singing along.

Then suddenly Alex went like, NEW DIVIDE. Then he was like

*Points to me* “DRUMS!”, *Points to Noel*, “BACKUP VOCALS!”

Ownage la the fella. Then when reach the techno solo, he started making the sound.



Then we went all debating, I was adjudicating and stuff. But it was fun all the way.

At night was THE WARLORD OF TERROR :D. Nothing really happened lol. Just reached there at 7.15 like that, then met up with Vincent, Sean, Eng Soon, Goh and a lot more guys lol. The drama was VERY VERY BORING. Nah just exaggerating. It was pretty okayy…

Then after the drama, I started stalling at the school lol. Like delaying to go to Riverside. I was like, “Eh wait first la, wait for the others”, when all the others wanted to go already. Lol. Wondering whyy… :)

So, went Riverside with Prits, Hanaffey, Vinod, Seran. Drank coffee :P.

Then came back and ONLINED :D. Sean started talking bout his day at the drama and his emotional love life, which I would LOVE to share but nahh, he’s my friend :)

Kinda sleepy d. So, NIGHTS :)

Kenny signing off…

August 13, 2009

This Is How It Ends


Wednesday went Tun Razak. Wondered why I went there. “Study” perhaps.

And this are probable results for my PMR Trials. Based on Kin Hoe’s answers. Wondered where he got them from.

MATHS : 40/40 - WEEEEE

ENGLISH : 33/40 – WTF?

GEOGRAPHY : 47/60 – 78%  WTF?

Geography answers :

One more correct for an A. T_T. Nah but those aren’t confirmed, just marked the question papers with Kin Hoe’s answers. Dunno whether it’s true but hey :), thanks

And teacher marked my Sejarah paper coz I bugged her to lol. Got a 73%. Crap. Need to study hard for PMR.

Today’s Maths paper’s were very easy. Thought doubting I can get a 100, but hey optimism never hurts :D.

So, anyway just gonna blog about today.

Stayed back to play basketball, but Meng Kwan and his gang came to play, so instead of getting humiliated by pros, I went to the scout den :D. Soo and Hanaffey followed then Joshua saw us.

Joshua : What are you doing here?

Kenny : Sitting down, school finish already.

Joshua : What are you doing here? (talks louder)

Hanaffey : Sitting down?


Soo : Uhh…me?…

LOL. random betul.

Then went and play football with Nirmal and Vil Minn. Psycho fellas.

Then the bunch of pro basketballers returned the bball, so played basketball with Hanaffey, Pritpal, Soo, Mun Kit, Goh and Hun Yee. Hun Yee was like eating kacang putih and playing. Pro fella.

And drama is this week :D. Soo watched the drama and said it was awesome, better than Camelot. So hope it lives up to the expectation.

Blog posts without pictures are sooo boring, so here’s one :D


MJ lives on forever :D

Kenny signing off…

August 9, 2009





Doomsday Wave 1 will begin tomorrow.


If only shit were this real.


August 7, 2009


I am soo dead. Literally =(

Firstly, I’m sick. Flu, fever, headache. And I never took any advice my parents and my friends gave to me to sit up straight and stand up straight. Now I pulled and sprained my backbone. Which means I have stopped growing and will remain 1.85m for the rest of my life. Hope you’ll accept me for the midget I am =)

Now my backbone hurts like an ass. Seriously, it hurts. I need Ramzali to keep hitting it in class just for me to continue studying. Now every time I sit down at home I need to lean on this back support device. It’s a curved thingy I place on the back of my chair.

So, now, it hurts like an ass. Seriously. I can’t bear it any longer. Just feel like stabbing myself with a knife.

But hey, life goes on. Life is like The SImpsons Movie set on loop with repeat on. Life is full of shit. Shit happens. Shit gets real.

What worse, MBS (Methodist Boys School). Yes Boys. Not Girls. Shit. Yeah anyway they’re coming down to SMI to debate on the 15th of August.

And to make things worse, trials are next week. 3 days from now. 55 hours and 32 minutes from now. And I have the debate to focus on. And my ass of a back.

AND, the debate is the same day as the drama. So most probably I have to rush to school, debate debate debate, rush home and go for the drama. And I have tuition on the same day which I can’t miss.

To make things even worse, my BM sucks. The 80 marks I got during mid-year were lucky. I did revision today and got 22/40. Wth?

I can’t even remember Sejarah now. Perjanjian Inggeris-Belanda was in 1421 right?

Science teacher hasn’t finished teaching all the chapters yet. And what a genius of me. I don’t go for Science tuition.

And I’m barely sociable. I’m so quiet in every tuition I go to, barely socializing. I only get an average of 200 messages a month or so. Don’t dare asking anybody for their phone numbers ><. What type of dipshit am I?

Sorry if any vulgarities I use offend you :(.

“I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing,

Just praying to a God that I don’t believe in,

Coz I got time while she got freedom,

Coz when a heart breaks no it don’t breakeven”

“Save me, I’m lost,

Oh God, I’ve been waiting for you,

I’ll pay any cost

Save me from being confused”

“You can’t sleep, you know it’s over,

But you just can’t sleep you gotta face it,

Gotta go outside and do the day walk,

Living with the lights off, ain’t nobody home”

And, R.I.P. Yasmin Ahmad. I haven’t even watched Talentime yet. Friends say it’s a nice show oO. Anybody knows where I can watch/buy it?

Anyway, Yasmin Ahmad, you’ve redefined Malaysian movies and television, just like Michael Jackson redefined music.

        MichaelJackson, YasminAhmad


      And if you think Michael Jackson isn’t a great performer, buy this DVD. The Michael Jackson Live in Bucharest : The Dangerous Tour.


The Dangerous Tour DVD


MJ performing Smooth Criminal


How does he do that? ><


MJ Performing Black Or White

And the part that made everybody cry, Man In The Mirror



Emotional guys.


MJ, A gift from God.

All these photos were taken from my DVD with my computer. Buy the DVD. You won’t regret it. Best RM25 you’ll ever spend.


Kenny signing off…