August 13, 2009

This Is How It Ends


Wednesday went Tun Razak. Wondered why I went there. “Study” perhaps.

And this are probable results for my PMR Trials. Based on Kin Hoe’s answers. Wondered where he got them from.

MATHS : 40/40 - WEEEEE

ENGLISH : 33/40 – WTF?

GEOGRAPHY : 47/60 – 78%  WTF?

Geography answers :

One more correct for an A. T_T. Nah but those aren’t confirmed, just marked the question papers with Kin Hoe’s answers. Dunno whether it’s true but hey :), thanks

And teacher marked my Sejarah paper coz I bugged her to lol. Got a 73%. Crap. Need to study hard for PMR.

Today’s Maths paper’s were very easy. Thought doubting I can get a 100, but hey optimism never hurts :D.

So, anyway just gonna blog about today.

Stayed back to play basketball, but Meng Kwan and his gang came to play, so instead of getting humiliated by pros, I went to the scout den :D. Soo and Hanaffey followed then Joshua saw us.

Joshua : What are you doing here?

Kenny : Sitting down, school finish already.

Joshua : What are you doing here? (talks louder)

Hanaffey : Sitting down?


Soo : Uhh…me?…

LOL. random betul.

Then went and play football with Nirmal and Vil Minn. Psycho fellas.

Then the bunch of pro basketballers returned the bball, so played basketball with Hanaffey, Pritpal, Soo, Mun Kit, Goh and Hun Yee. Hun Yee was like eating kacang putih and playing. Pro fella.

And drama is this week :D. Soo watched the drama and said it was awesome, better than Camelot. So hope it lives up to the expectation.

Blog posts without pictures are sooo boring, so here’s one :D


MJ lives on forever :D

Kenny signing off…

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