August 28, 2009

A Great Day Out

“What time are you guys going?”

“We’ll be there in 2 minutes”

“Where will you guys be?”

“You’ll see”

Green - Me

Red – Howard

It was  a great day out :D. Howard, Bob, Sean and me decided to have a “Guys Day Out” because, uhmm. We’re all still single :D. EHEM EHEM. Yes, handsome people like US are all still single. What is the world missing out? LOL.

So, we started off with going to Imax. Typical guys huh? So, we played this, played that and so on…blah blah blah.

Yeah, then we went to Jusco for some McD. Fat people we are. Ehehehh…Gawd, we were bullshitting with each other so much, it’s almost hilarious LOL.


Howard’s food. Well, what’s left of it anyway.

Then we went for bowling. And yeah, Sean had to show off he’s a great Michael Jackson impersonator.



So, anyway we bowled. Turned out the MJ wannabe can’t play bowling. Gawd, he was horrible. (No offence mate :D)


And I was AWESOME! :D

Yeah, I still won anyway. Obviously. Awesome people like me (EHEM EHEM) always win wad right? :D

So, yeah. We camwhored.


Howard’s SHORT arm couldn’t get the whole picture in :D, but it was still a great shot.

So, we went to Capcom for some old fashion Japanese game machines. Me and Sean played Ice Hockey, turned around and noticed something not so pleasing.



Then anyway we went to Food Court and started messing around with each other’s phones. Howard started playing Ice Hockey with his phone, sliding it up and down then the phone slid from the table and fell to the floor LOL. We started laughing like nuts.

So, we had to go home anyway. After a very great day :D.




You’ve been hit by

You’ve been struck by

A Smooth Criminal


Kenny signing off…

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