December 7, 2009

THE outing. :D

Been a long time since we had a GUY’S DAY OUT. (Sounds pretty gay eheh). But it isn’t. So. YEAHH. :D

I reached first. Then Bryan came. Early for once. LOL. Then Bob and Sean came at the same time. So, we went food court to buy donuts.

Since we didn’t really have money, we bought using the shillings we had.

DSC00176And the guy accepted it. LOL. So, we ended up with

DSC00179an Alvin and the Chipmunks box.

DSC00180Yumm. Donuts. :D

Lepas tu, CAPCOM. Lots of games. :P. Then we makaned at


And as usual, they had awesome drinks.

DSC00192Mmmmm. :)

And before anything else happens.


Polluting my blog with pictures of myself. Pfft.

Then we watched MYSPY. Most epic, funny, awesome Malaysian directed movie EVER. Really. 3.9/5. LOL.

Then, biasalah, IMAX. And Alex was there. And he said he was in KL. His excuse  : “My cousins came back”. Pfft. xD

So, L4D2, FIFA10, COD:MW. Biasalah. Boys wad.


I was in crappy form today. Only bowled a 77? ._.

DSC00206For you, BOB.

So, after that.



And everyone went home. ._.

So, that’s about it. :)

Lame blog post. I know. Lazy to blog >_>

Byee. :)

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