December 3, 2009

I’ve got nothing better to do, seriously

Holidays have been boring. Only watched one movie so far, New Moon ><. I haven’t even watched 2012 yet. Seriously. What next?


I wanna go Bob’s house. I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s FUN. :D. With his dog and all. Wanna jenguk the fella also. Long time never see him. We ALL MISS bob. :)

And anyways I went to school this morning for scouts. Supposed to be cleaning up but in the end we climbed the tower and started talking and blabbering. :). Typical scouts lah right?

The view from up there’s pretty cool, can see lots of stuff. But couldn’t get a nice shot.

Image0225Yeah, it’s pretty high up.

After around an hour, we climbed down.

On my way down, reaching the middle part, my foot got caught, I slipped, knocked my head, hit my back on the supporter and fell to the ground. Lying there for a minute.


So, I managed to get up lah. But I bruised my arm. ==

But still got energy to go KOPITIAM. Ate ice-cream toast. Whee. Cold and sweet. Yumm. :)

They had this 15 minute promotion. If our food didn’t come in 15 mins, they’ll give us free coffee.

So, our food came at 12.44. Which is 16 MINUTES. And look what they wrote:

Image0227 Buggers. No free coffee for us. ><

Then went home. :)

And oh yeah. Infatuations and crushes never last long.

AND KENNY IS SINGLE. He always was. (:

forget i ever cared. :)

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Jane said...

Hey kenny.. I love this sentence that you typed in ur latest post>
'Infatuations and crushes never last long' . Yea, u're right.. Thanks. =)And I think I have to give up now.. thanks yea!!!!