December 2, 2009

happy december :)

It’s DECEMBER PEOPLE! :). Here’s some updates

  • Watched NEW MOON.

With Sharon, Jevin, Lillian and Daniel

The movie was pretty boring. Really. I nearly fell apart at the beginning part. Even Daniel fell asleep. His hand swung back, whacked me and he woke up. LOL

And the most potong stim part. Reaching the ending, everyone tense tense seeing, the fire alarm went off. ==

Then we pergi Black Canyon to makan. Ate the Black Canyon Chicken Chop or something. And accidentally drank Daniel’s juice. So he drank my smoothie. :P

And LILLIAN says I’m mean. Because this old grandma walked past us and I said it looked like her. Sorry. :)

And we snapped a picture of Sharon that LOOKED like she was picking her nose. Jevin took it. But she grabbed the camera and deleted it ><


DSC00088 Don’t worry Sharon, we’ll get you next time. LOL :P




  • Bought a new camera. :D. It’s a Sony TX1, with the panorama view shot thingy.DSC00090 *All pics in this blog post were snapped by the camera* :)


  • Went for Troop Camp.

Didn’t win first place though, but we did really well :). Fun, tiring and full of excitement. Really a pity for those who didn’t go.

Really really funny with jokers like Rishekhen and Ananthan, our sketch was hilarious, as well as our car promotion.

“Remember guys, it’s not about learning. It’s all about WINNING”


Don’t have pictures, but TL took a lot. And my bro took one. :)

DSC00114Hana. Kenny. Seran. THE PLs. (And PS) :P

More updates to come. Gonna makan first :)

Take care, happy holidays yeah :)

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