June 28, 2009

Transformers 2 !


I’ve watched it! 5 days after the opening day ==


Well at least I watched it =D

AND YOU DIDN’T! If you did please ignore this line

So anyway =D

Reached the theatre at 9.55 =). Hanaffey was already there, so we sat down and talked bout racism XD.

Then, Paul arrived and we claimed the tickets. And look what he was wearing.



Then came Howard.

So, at 10.15, Kai finally showed up. He was damn punctual this time. Only 15 minutes late =D


*Kai XIong reaches*

Paul : Eh where’s Kai Xiong lar? Damn late the fella.

Me : Eh, yeah la. Everytime the fella always late one.

Paul : Yeah , yeah. We better call him.

*Kai Xiong who heard the whole thing, walks off to the popcorn stand and emos*

So the movie was damn awesome man. If Michael Bay was a hot woman, I’ll marry her. LOL

Here’s a pic =D

And anyway, there was this part that Optimus gets stabbed in the back by Megatron and he falls down to the ground and dies.

It was so sad and everyone in the theatre was quiet. Then came Kai Xiong.

Kenny : *sniffs*

Paul : *silent*

Kai Xiong : Backstabber

DAMN POTONG WEI. So touching part and he just blurted out backstabber ==

So, the movie finished at 1.00. Then we went to the toilet. Yep, 5 guys in a toilet at once. Gay moments. XD

Then we went makan McD. Then there was this random girl who came and asked us for orphanage donations. Then Howard said :

Eh that girl keeps rubbing her leg on my leg. I feel uneasy wei”


Then we continued to the Nike shop to find a basketball for Hanaffey. Then we went to the Adidas one. Then we went back to the Nike one =D. Nike owns Adidas. So, Hanaffey bought a Dominator Basketball.

Looks something like this.

Then being the real men we were, we went Imax =D.

We played COD4. Poor Hanaffey. Never played before. He got owned =D. Then me and Howard played Guitar Hero.

So, at 4.50. Went swimming. Then in the changing room, me and my Bro started singing Daughtry songs ROFL.

So that’s about it. =D

Kenny signing off……

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