June 8, 2009

Bob's House

On the 2nd of June, 2009, Me and Singh went to Bob's house Oo
So, it started like at 10.30 a.m, on my way there, Singh SMSed me and asked him to fetch him there. So I told him I was like 15 minutes away.

He walked.

So, when we got there, I set up my laptop and we started playing FIFA and DotA and shit.
Me and Singh wanted to set up a network but we didn't know how. so we called James.
James was like, "You all in Bob's house" ah?
Then we said yes, then he came.
He forgot where it was, so he asked us for the freakin coordinates. So like, we went to Google Earth and gave him the coordinates for him to check in his iPhone.
In the end, he made it oO

So, it was all random, us playing drums, piano, football and stuffs. Played FIFA like dunno what only. Then we ordered MCD. Bob was so blur ordering it. He was like

"2 Spicy Deluxe Chicken McD" ROFL

An extract from a conversation me and Singh were having
Me : Eh isn't eating MCD unhealthy?
Singh : No larr, we all so tall and big sized already, we have enough nutrition, sure no problem one.
Me : Yeah, true. But then all those short small people ahh, everyday eat junk food like what only ahh. How bout them?

At the same time, me and Singh looked at James.
He just smiled.

So, 5.30 we all went home XD
Damn fun day

No pics. Sorry ><

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