June 4, 2009

4th Former’s Gathering

Anyway I should just post about it =)





Woke up at 6.30, turned on phone. Then got a message from Weng Kitt asking for a friggin teddy bear. LOL. Was for his sketch actually. I didn’t bring it coz I know James will bring one. And indeed he did. Here’s how it looks like.


Credits to James for the pic ROFL


So, we went and fall in at 7.45. Then they told us to move to our stations. It so happened that MC just arrived and.

We reached our stations at 8.45.

They started cooking at 9.15. And yeah like, MGS needed a recipe sheet to cook and Sergeant Paul was quick to relief them off their aid.


The MGS Team at work

So, the cooking finished at 11.45. We went to the parlour and ate Maggi Hot Cup. I saw James having fun selling stuffs so I decided to join him.

We sold like 100 Hot Cups.

So, it was all random all the way till 4.30. Just running around, walking around.

Then, the gathering started. It started with a few Form 4’s bringing candles into the hall. And Samuel started singing. Pretty cool and emotional XD

Then there was our sketch. Directed by the legendary Thomas Liew. (my bro lol) and his company,

Shut up Spielberg. We own your ass.



And then came MC’s Banner

Scary huh? ROFL

Then came free dance. Some of the songs :

Let It Rock – Kevin Rudolf

Cookie Jar – Gym Class Heroes ft The Dream

Right Round – Flo Rida ft Ke$ha


Anyway, the overall champion was MC. Like predicted.

The other awards were

Marching competition won by SMC
Best Commander won by MGS
Cooking competition won by SMC
Iron Guide by SMC

Best Banner by SMC

The rest can’t remember lol

Kenny signing off .

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