June 27, 2009

Some random shit

Friday was aweesome!

I don’t know why but hell lol

We had 6 free periods for the day. We only studied like 6 questions of English and the whole day was FREE PERIOD!

So just some extracts from some random conversations :


Chris : Eh, imagine we go to Spain ah deii, then we go sit on those ancient stairs sure damn cool one.

Brandon : Eh, YEAH LA! Imagine we go there and we start talking to them in Malay.

*Brandon pretends he’s in Spain*

Brandon : AWEK CUN! AWEK CUN!~~


It was supposed to be some other stuff inside, but I can’t really remember much ><

Why the random convo about Spain? Brandon said that after SPM, we’ll go on a EURO Trip. Spain, France and England.

It’ll be cool weii…



Kenny signing off..

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