April 4, 2010

NRLC 2010

The most awesome camp ever.

northern regional la sallian convention 2010

“catalyst for change”

It started on the 26th March.

SMI Delegates:
Kenny, Seran, Pritpal, Hanaffey, Jevin, James, Kitty, Vinod, Imran, Bob!

Just a short one before we leave.

It was in the La Salle Centre.

Day 1

My roommates were Ravi, Michael and Amir. From SXI, SASTI and St George.

Briefing session. Meet Kartig.

No feeding, no feeding.

The Human Bingo winners , Nandu, Yarg Desh and Singh.



The Blanket Game.

- Outdoor Games – Captain ball, kavadi. Sorry no pictures ><


Dinner Time.

Our “2D postcard”

UNO. Just ignore. The face.


Day 2

Meet Bob.


An intro to Facebook.


It’s FACEBOOK! Really.

Ai Huey


The House we made

Then there was games.

Guni sack, ping pong ball running, all those.

And caterpillar ><

Oh yeah, and football. We won 5-1. LOL


Then, we were divided into 6 teams. Where 5 of my teammates had to lift ME with their index fingers. And damn they did it.

Trying to lift EDWARD.

And damn we did it.

Our last night together.


Day 3

The Chair Game.

Our spirited OT’s!

Closing Ceremony.


Each Domino is something we hope for our school and the box the problems in our school. :)

The camp was really fantastic. I’m gonna miss all of you guys. Till we meet again :)





I am. You are. We are LaSallian.

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kenwooi said...

miss the days i had fun back in school =)