September 7, 2009

My Last Post Before PMR?

Yeah heck, we see how long that’ll last.
Just updates (again) :
  • Official : 5As,2Bs. Crap.
  • Started playing Restaurant City LOL
  • Still addicted to All American Reject’s When The World Comes Down
  • Michael Jackson’s not dead. He’s still alive in our hearts.
  • Got a gift from Cik Shafizah because I got an A for Maths lol
And the eraser says “Good Shit”

  • Did Geography revision and noticed the questions are getting more stupid.
Image0002Observe II

  • Getting dumber by the day.

  • Has a new nickname. Kenny INSANO Liew. The new professional footballer

  • Went football with Singh, Kitty, Lai and Alex today.
Anyway, I went there at 5.10 and there was nobody there lol. So my mum drove me forward then Singh was walking there, so I joined him :P. Then we walked there, Loo Sen was all tension tensioning. Singh say the fella got PMS. LOL.
Then anyway, Alex “Torres” Tan kicked the ball, flew damn high and into one fella’s house. The aunty got angry, took the ball, left it in her compound, locked the door and started watching TV. So, we tried getting the ball back
We all were shouting “AUNTY, GIVE THE BALL PLEASE”. “AUNTY, THE BALL”. “AUNTY!!!” But she never reply.
Then the Aunty came out and started scolding us in Cantonese. We started talking back lol. Then she said (in Cantonese)
“When you all go home I’ll return the ball”
So, SIngh, being the typical Singh he is, started turning around and shouted at us “EH LET’S GO HOME” *wink*
Then we went and told the aunty we were going home already. So, she gave back the ball and we continued playing LOL. Evil right? :P
So, just a random update lah. Keep this blog alive :D
But now it’s too late
It’s taking over me
It feels so supernatural
And I’m pulled the other way
It’s more than I can take
And I’m losing hold of everything
Kenny signing off…

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