February 26, 2009

Pioneering =)

I know I said I'll post it so here it is, eventhough it's 2 weeks late

Started off with flagbreak =), patrol corner and everything

Let the pics do the talking =)

Poor little Form 1s, let's wait till they see what shit we have in store for them =)

As you may have noticed, Jevinder shows up in most of these pics. He just wants to show he's doing something =)

Ren Jet in action =)

Well, it was hard work, and here's the completed product =)

Yeah, I'm the fool holding the board ==

So that's it =)

Kenny signing off from this blog nobody reads == 

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[P][A][U][L] said...

Too many fotos .. little elaboration. work on that brother and how to put the chat box thingy on our blogs ah?